The Update – Turkish Politics, 22 November 2011

Kill Kamer Genç

Uslu, from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), approached the stage and pushed him forcefully into the table behind Kamer Genç, from the social democratic party CHP after a verbal argument.

A frequently expressed view in these columns is that AKP does not intend to champion universal human rights for all, but exactly opposite.  Having dismantled the ancien regime, it promised to usher in a new era of freedoms.  In reality, having intimidated the army and the judiciary, along with the free press, AKP’s concealed project is being unveiled across the nation in thousands of different scenes from the Turkish life. An authoritarian single party regime that only allows its proponents the rights it promised to all.

Mr. Faik Ahmet Akıncı, film producer director

Do you want examples? Gosh, there are so many.  Today, ex-deputy Mr. Mahmut Alınak, a prominent Kurdish right activist who had been persecuted by all the parties that ruled Turkey since 1980s, has been arrested again for adding and abetting PKK’s front organization KCK. KCK detentions are now running up to 5K.  Also arrested in an alleged sting operation to uncover graft in the CHP-run Izmir municipality is Mr. Faik Ahmet Akıncı, a producer director of many films. By the way, with local elections in 2013, AKP’s preferred method of campaigning is to intimidate all opposition-held local administrations to the point of complete paralysis so that they can’t deliver any services. By 2013, with most of their members under investigation or in detention, all the castles of the opposition will be easy pickings for AKP.

Mr. Faik Ahmet Akıncı, a producer director of many films arrested in an alleged sting operation to uncover graft in the CHP-run Izmir municipality

Going to back to Mr. Akinci; he is connected to the purported tender-fixing deals in Izmir municipality, but a perplexed Akinci told the press that he never did business with the municipality of Izmir.  In fact, he is suing the mayor of Izmir for failing to make good on a film sponsorship.  He DİD do business with several municipalities run by AKP and lodged several complaints about embezzlement and favoritism, which- needless to say- were never investigated.

Do you know what Mr. Akıncı’s true crime is?  He is the director of the movie “Kubilay”.  Lieutenant Kubilay, a member of the Turkish army was beheaded by an angry mob of fundamentalists rebelling against the Republic to bring the Khalifet back during the Atatürk era.  He is hero of sorts to secularists.  It was only natural that after Ahmet Sik, who wrote about the infiltration of Gulenists in the police and the judiciary, is arrested that the counter-revolution would look for new victims to quench its insatiable thirst for revenge.

Kamer Genç , few minutes before Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy Uslu's physical assault to him in Parliament.

AKP’s broadside assault on the dissidents and opposition got so bad that it is no longer safe to speak under the roof of the parliament.  The very inner sanctum AKP promised to elevate to the position of  “the only master of the nation” is now filled with bullies to silence the opposition.  CHP deputy Kamer Genc found out that AKP’s intolerance would not even spare the freedom of speech in the Grand Assembly when he stepped up to the lectern with a small oil lamp in his hand.  He was protesting against the decision by the prosecutors to release all Deniz Feneri (Light House) suspects, while over 100 journalists and 8 deputies remained behind bars.

Let’s follow from Hurriyet Daily News[1] what happened next:

Genç and Uslu

“Parliament Administrator Salim Uslu has drawn rebuff both from the opposition and his own party seniors because of his physical assault on Deputy Kamer Genç on the General Assembly stage.

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç advised Uslu to apologize to Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Genç over his physical assault in Parliament. CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu described the event as “dictatorship of the majority.”

“Uslu should say ‘I shouldn’t have pushed him forcefully. I displayed a wrong attitude. I apologize on my own behalf.’ Apologizing is a virtue,” Arınç said.

An altercation took place in the General Assembly on Nov. 10 after Genç said in his speech the government was not doing enough against corruption. Parliament Deputy Chairman Sadık Yakut turned off Genç’s microphone for “going off topic.”

After Genç refused to step down from the rostrum, Uslu, from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), approached the stage and pushed him forcefully into the table behind him after a verbal argument. Genç narrowly avoided falling to the ground by clutching the table. The CHP demanded an apology from Uslu, as well as an official reprimand. The AKP voted against the motion and Uslu refused to apologize.

Arınç, however, criticized Uslu’s assault toward CHP’s Genç. “Uslu should have said ‘Please take your seat.’ He should not have pushed Kamer Genç,” Arınç said to Cumhuriyet daily.

Genç and Uslu

“We should consider the reputation of the Parliament. It’s the place for free speech, not the place of bullying. Deputies who behave impolitely and hurtfully can be warned and imposed sanctions. The one on the rostrum also should be careful. It’s not right to correct a mistake by making another mistake,” Arınç said.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Chairman of the CHP and Main opposition leader

Kılıçdaroğlu said Uslu’s action was unacceptable, and he advised Parliament at a party meeting inAntalyato place leverage on Uslu. “This action means dictatorship of the majority. We will collapse this dictatorship,” Kılıçdaroğlu said.

Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek also expressed sorrow over the altercation. “This incident saddened me. I called the deputy group chairmen of the CHP and the AKP. I wish everybody will behave more responsibly,” Çiçek said yesterday in a TV program on state-run TRT-1.

Çiçek called the deputy group chairmen for a meeting, the Hürriyet Daily News has learned. Çiçek will urge the deputy group chairmen to keep calm during sessions in the General Assembly.”

To date, Mr. Uslu refuses to apologize. It is not surprising.  That has been AKP’s policy all along. Never admit to mistakes.  Never regret.  Never apologize.

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  1. They will apologise for killings that were done more than 70 years ago by others, though. That way they look “peaceful” but the opposition is defamed. Turkey is experiencing middle age politics.

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