International Occupy Gezi Protests – Invitation to call on the EU – June 4, at 6pm, Brussels


International supporting Occupy Gezi protests in world cites:

  • In Bulgaria, dozens of Turkish students protested in the capital Sofia on 1 June 2013.[169] They were joined by Bulgarian students.[170]
  • In Amsterdam, Netherlands over a thousand Turks and sympathizers demonstrated on the Beursplein for two consecutive days.[171][172] Other protests were held in Rotterdam and Arnhem among other cities.
  • In Brussels, Belgium over a hundred Turks protested on 1 June 2013, expressing their solidarity.[173]
  • In Berlin,[174] Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart,[175] Germany solidarity protests of 3000, 1500 and 1500 respectively took place on 1 June 2013.[176]
  • polis-camdan-saldiriyorIn ViennaAustria people have gathered at Karlsplatz and then Stadtpark to show support for the protests in Istanbul on 1 June 2013.[177]
  • In ParisFrance hundreds gathered to show support and demonstrated on Esplanade du Trocadéro on the 1st and 2nd of June.[178]
  • In Tel Aviv, Israel, an Amnesty International worker organized a protest of several dozen human rights activists, including some Turkish-Israelis, outside the Turkish embassy on 2 June 2013, to show solidarity with the protestors.[179]
  • kimyasal_tayyipTurks and Turkish Cypriots in Northern Cyprus showed solidarity with the protesters, and held their own demonstration in Kuğulu Park, North Nicosia.[180]
  • In London, United Kingdom, over a thousand people demonstrated in Hyde Park in 1st of June.[181] A growing number of attendants keep protesting the ongoing police violence on a daily basis as of 3 June 2013.
  • police-vioIn New York, United States of America, over a thousand people demonstrated in Zucotti Park in 1st of June.[182] The protests continued on 2nd of June in Zucotti Park. The protests continued on June 3rd, with hundreds of supporters taking a stand in front of the Turkish Consulate located on 50th Street and 3rd Ave.
  • In Denmark, dozens of people gathered in Copenhagen near city hall on 1st of June 2013 for demonstration.[citation needed]
  • In Ottawa, Canada, over a hundred people demonstrated on Parliament Hill on June 2nd, asking for international support for an immediate end to police violence.[183]
  • In Poznan, Poland, a small group of Turkish students protested on 3 June to support the resistance in Gezi Park.[citation needed]
  • ahmet-sikIn Dublin, Ireland, dozens of Turks protested on 1 June to support the resistance in Gezi Park.[184]
  • In Prague, Czech Republic, nearly 30-35 people protested Turkish government.[185]
  • In Tokyo, Japan, over fifty Turks live in Japan demonstrated on June 2nd.[186]
  • In BeijingShangai and Guangzhou, China, some protests has benn helt.[187]
  • In Jakarta, Indonesia, nearly 25 Turks showed their reflection to Turkish government.[188]

    20 police beating one young man who’s on the ground

    20 police beating one young man who’s on the ground

  • In Floriana, Malta, 25-30 Turkish students showed solidarity with Gezi Parkı rioters.[189]
  • In Bangkok, Thailand, nearly 50 Turks protested police violence against rioters.[190]
  • In Tbilisi, Georgia, nearly 50 citizens showed solidarity with Gezi Parkı rioters.[191]

Source: Wikipedia

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gezi brusselsNEXT ONE IN BRUSSELS !

Invitation to call on the EU to publicly condemn the Turkish government for the use of excessive police force against peaceful protestors in Turkey.

Date: 04.06.2013
Time: 18.00
Where: Place Luxemburg – Brussels



We invite you to call on the EU to publicly condemn the Turkish government for the use of excessive police force against peaceful protestors in Turkey.

Series of peaceful demonstrations were held aiming preservation of a recreational area – Gezi Park – in Istanbul city center which is planned to be demolished for the reconstruction of historical army barracks to serve as a shopping mall and residential building. On 31 May 2013 Turkish police attacked the protesters violently with tear gas, plastic bullets and water cannons, directly targeting their faces and bodies.. After dissemination of these news on social media, people of the country independently from all political parties, spontaneously arose out of their common conscience to show solidarity with the peaceful protestors on streets.

However, the government’s failure to respect the fundamental rights, combined with ongoing use of excessive power by police forces have fuelled discontent among people in Turkey. The mainstream media completely ignored the events at first and later went on to report strictly with a pro government perspective. Our main source of information has been confirmed material from the social media, which the Prime Minister describes as the biggest “plague”. For the people on the other hand social media remains the only way of communication with each other and alert the international media.

Amnesty International deeply criticized Turkish officials for excessively heavy-handed response to the entirely peaceful protests in Taksim and Human Rights Watch has noted Turkey’s restrictions on free speech and politicians’ intolerance of dissenting voices, and criticized Turkish police’s routine ill-treatment of demonstrators, and the failure to hold to account officers who use excessive force.

This is a brief description of the current situation in Turkey and how the government treated peaceful protesters, freedom of expression and the right to information, which led to a widespread uprising across the country.

As the citizens of Turkey did, we have also left our political backgrounds aside and will gather for a silent protest to give the voice of peace to show our solidarity with peaceful demonstrators in Turkey. We would, however, like to hear what the European politicians have to say about this injustice in Turkey, an EU candidate, and invite you herewith to join us and share your views.

People supporting the resistance in Turkey.

Date: 04.06.2013
Time: 18.00
Where: Place Luxemburg


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