Defiant Erdogan’s incendiary speech and all about #OccupyGezi

Latest comments from the US and the EU before PM Erdogan’s incendiary speech:

‏EU Commissioner Stefan Füle visited Gezi Park in İstanbul and tweeted this meesage before PM Erdogan’s incendiary speech :

@StefanFuleEU Talked about concerns&demands of #Turkey NGOs incl #Taksim activists,2have their voice heard.Democracy means listening 2all parts of society.

European Parliament Member Richard Howitt:

@richardhowitt As @Eurolabour Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, I condemn killing of youth protester from our sister party in #Turkey

@richardhowitt @New_Europe reports me saying MEPs must condemn #Turkey PM claiming protesters “hand in hand with terrorists.”

Another important comment came from the US State Department during the day : “Turkish officials should refrain from “unhelpful rhetoric and unhelpful comments that will not help calm the situation”.


AKP members were invited via the text messages to their phones to welcome Erdogan and his airport rally.

Metro going to airport open until 4am for Erdogan

Many AKP members were invited via the text messages to their phones to the Atatürk Airport to welcome and give morale to Erdogan.

Istanbul authorities extended the work of metro going to airport until 4 a.m to make it easy for Erdogan fans to greet PM.

It was shut down during peaceful protests #occupygezi

Gender balance in two groups

Ankara and Istanbul tonight was probably about 60% men, 40% women. AKP members crowd at airport for Erdogan arrival, going by pro-AKP TV pictures, about 95% men.

Protested Turkish TV channel Haberturk’s manipulation on numbers: 100.000 or 10.000 ?

Haberturk TV repeatedly reported: about 100,000 people have turned out to greet Erdogan

International media:

AP – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken a combative stance against protesters in a speech in front of 10,000 supporters who met him at the airport on his return from a four-day trip to North Africa.

BBC: An estimated 10,000 supporters of Mr Erdogan’s AKP party descended on the airport to welcome him home in the early hours of Friday.


#occupyairport “We’re Tayyip’s soldiers.” #occupygezi “We’re nobody’s soldiers. We want peace.”

Important points from PM Erdoğan’s incendiary speech

  • Turkish PM, Tayyip Erdogan, refuses to back down over Gezi Park redevelopment despite protests. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: We will go ahead with plans to redevelop Istanbul’s Taksim Square.
  • Incredibly aggressive speech by Erdogan. Crowd is fired up. Clashes will only get worse.
  • PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrives back in Istanbul – says protests must end immediately”
  • PM Erdogan: I am addressing to Gaza, Damascus, Ramallah.
  • He says, “these protests that are bordering on illegality must come to an end immediately.”
  • Erdogan says Interest rates lobby is back. Turkey under threat from a lobby trying to manipulate its markets.”
  • Defending the police Erdoğan said : “They’re there to serve us… struggle against terrorists, anarchists”
  • PM Erdogan talked about “killed” man from the protestors and mentioned “martyr” of the police officer– “my people” Erdogan referenced–
  • Erdogan’s AKP militans in airport crowd chants: Allahu Akbar!
  • Enthusiastic supporters of PM Erdogan are shouting “Ya Allah bismilah, Allah-u Akbar!” Ataturk Airport.
  • PM Erdogan: we don’t have anything to do w/fighting, vandalism, damaging goods and streets–Crowd chants now in support of Turkey’s police.
  • PM Erdogan is wrapping up,says nobody can stop Turkey’s rise beside Allah he says. Crowd chants:La ilahe illallah — Allahu Akbar!
  • PM Erdogan: now the world is talking about us, Turkey. Why do you think these things (Protests) suddenly came up?? Crowd chants: sold outs!
  • PM Erdogan, for the third time talks about public goods damaged by protests and how the police like a hero protected those against them.
  • Without naming him, Erdogan lashed out at Garanti Bank’s CEO for expressing desire to join protest.
  • PM Erdogan : protesters burnt the Turkish flag – there are intentions to divide Turkey.
  • PM Erdogan supporters chant “pave the way & we’ll level Taksim” as premier fuels fire with incendiary speech. He said nothing after the crowd’s ‘Let us crush Taksim’ screams.


Journalists & Observers

CNN INT Turkey Correspondent : @IvanCNN: I asked Erdogan supporters if they were worried their crowd would get tear gassed. Answer:no, the only people being gassed are provocateurs

@YourAnonNews: Mainstream media TV channels go live with PM #Erdogan’s arrival in Istanbul! Censorship anyone?!

‏Turkish Journalist in Washington: @WashingtonPoint: Breaking: #CNNTurk broadcasts live news PM’s speech instead of penguins.

@WashingtonPoint: And 4th time Erdogan talks about how public goods damaged and says “these impudent protestors even scorched the Turkey flag–(never seen it)

Times Turkey correspondent – @AchristieMiller: In #Taksim people expect police. One: “He declared civil war.” Another: “There will not just be tear gas. Tomorrow will be a different day.”

Some more tweets:

@canikligil Erdogan is spreading fear to Turkey. His last words sound like calling jihad.

@NuriYalman: Erdogan has claimed that the protesters burned the Turkish flag which is a BIG FUCKING lie!

@alimuratugurlu Ironic that Erdogan tweets of the brotherhood spirit in Turkey which his party supports while giving a speech that is severely inflaming…

‏@ChrChristensen: Foreign enemies, crazy flag burners, urban elitists, references to God. Hmmm…where have I head that before? #Erdogan #Turkey #USA

@IllegalObject : Erdogan has “fallen” for the “burned Turkish flag” news that was actually from 2010.

‏@itanyeri @AP #erdogan is provoking his crowd towards violent fights. #Turkey might enter into #civilwar.

@seanpaulkelley Erdogan, who just arrived home in Turkey, basically just called for civil war. No compromise.

@WashingtonPoint While PM Erdogan was giving his speech, the crowd repeatedly shouted slogans against GeziPark protests, and protestors. — #worrying

@Kader__Sevinc: If there is no media freedom, no independent judiciary & limited freedoms, then there is no “democratically elected leader”

@selingirit AKP supporters chant: “Let us go, let’s crush #Taksim!”

‏@gulse_birsel PM Erdoğan’s supporters :” Let Us Go , Destroy Taksim ” and this is called ” Advanced Democracy ”


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