Latest from Erdogan’s violence against Turkish youth

The government of Turkey, in collaboration with the police and the media, staged a theater play -with terrible actors- at Taksim square of Istanbul early this morning. Aiming to dissipate the peaceful protesters in the Taksim square, who have been there for nearly two weeks to defend a small urban park against government’s intention to build a shopping mall, the government has not hesitated to use, at times fatal, violence since late may 2013.

This morning, after Istanbul governor’s announcement that there would be no attacks on the people at the Gezi park and Taksim, hundreds of policemen came in to collect the banners, at the same time chocking people with tear gas. The media, which has ignored the protests so far was there from the very beginning, broadcasting (from extremely good shooting points) the screenplay between hundreds of cops and about 30 protesters (their identities still a mystery,) who were throwing molotov cocktails to the police at the square. This act went on for more than an hour.

The police, who has demonstrated its capability of breaking up thousand of people (without any provocation) within minutes with tear gas and water cannons, only circled around them, gently spraying a little water as if watering a garden. All this suggested that police provocateurs were in action to create a false image of peaceful protestors as vandals… As the police was treating softly and nicely these secret "protestors"/provocateurs, on the back streets and around Gezi park, where media was not broadcasting, the attacks against genuine protestors were, as usual, brutal. The protests until this morning have been peaceful and it is not clear whether these unidentified provocateurs were extremists from some political groups or some others (??) as claimed. What is clear is that they do not reflect and represent the spirit of this uprising. Couple of hours ago, police attacked the biggest court house in Istanbul and arrested around 70 lawyers, who were only protesting against the morning attacks, probably as a response to their voluntary service for protecting the rights of the people arrested and injured during last week’s protests. In response to today’s events, people of Istanbul are going back to Taksim square this evening at 19:00, possibly with larger numbers than the protests on May 31.

Please share this information. The Turkish media has failed miserably and it is very important that the world knows what is really going on in Turkey at the moment.

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