Update: Turkish riot police entered the Gezi Park in Taksim, Many injured by gas bomb canisters and 50 lawyers o f Gezi Parkı at the Caglayan courthouse in Istanbul have been arrested.

Governor Avni Mutlu said that police will not intervene inside Gezi Park. “We will not intervene Gezi Park." Two media representatives and many civilians have been hospitalized due to head injuries caused by gas bomb canisters. Turkish riot police entered the Gezi Park in Taksim square around 2 p.m., despite Istanbul governor’s earlier remarks.

This morning hundreds of police and water cannon vehicles marched into Taksim. There has been a peaceful environment for 10 days there. This morning at 7:30 people were still sleeping in their tents or having breakfast. When the police attacked with gas bombs a group of about 30 provocators who are NOT among us, NOT activists, NOT among the people who resist started attacking the police with molotov cocktails.

Curiously enough the Toma s (water cannon vehicles) that are able to push away and separate hundreds of people within seconds (as we have seen many times in the two weeks) could not get rid of this group of provocators for over an hour now. Why? This is all a planned game to be played in front of the international media. The resisting people are still peaceful, they do not throw stones or molotov cocktails!!! This is a set up!"

Being a Lawyer In #Turkey. Istanbul distirict court house in Caglayan.

A group of 50 lawyers protesting in favour of Gezi demos at the Caglayan courthouse in Istanbul have been arrested.

This is how police took away #occupygezi lawyers forcefully from Caglayan, Europe’s largest courthouse. at 1.30pm

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