Erdoğan’s EU Minister: “There is no State violence in Turkey” Turkish Medical Association: 7.642 wounded

images (3)Points from EU Minister Bagis’s statement:

  • No one should exceed their limits by accusing the Republic of Turkey of using violence. Such allegations by European politicians and especially by countries whose own records are tarnished in this respect are unacceptable. There is no State violence in Turkey. There is the disallowance of a disregard for law and order by those taking cover behind demonstrators motivated by environmental concerns. We know the national and international players in this plot.
  • Certain members of European Parliament need to understand that making such bold and irresponsible comments on Turkey’s internal affairs would have some costs. They should not become venues for national and international machinations and be deceived by manipulation and slander. They need not concern themselves over the situation as a result of their misjudgements.

  • par7587790

    However, the eagerness of some members of the European Parliament to make absurd statements merely for media attention is obvious. We respect the freedom to make these kinds of statements. We hope that they regain their reason as soon as possible. Above all, the use of the platform of the European Parliament to express the eclipse of reason through disproportionate, unbalanced and illogical statements would damage its bmeuktgcqaa4qgjcredibility. Rather than allowing this, it would be wiser for the EU officials to put an end to it.

  • Turkey has the most reformist and strongest government in Europe and the most charismatic and strongest leader in the world.  Should anyone have a problem with this, then I am truly sorry.  Only for those who feel overwhelmed, the leadership of Prime Minister Erdoğan is a problem.
  • kimyasal_tayyipIt is nonsense that some European parliamentarians and officials believe that suspending Turkey’s EU accession process would be a threat for Turkey. Suspending Turkey’s EU accession process is in fact a threat not for Turkey, but for the EU.


•  ahmet-sik It is reported that they are injuries in 13 cities.

• 7478 people in total applied for injuries to public hospitals, private hospitals and medical centers and to clinics build up in areas where the clashes happen.

polis-camdan-saldiriyorThe content of the injuries consists of skin-deep inflammation and respiration disorders due to tear gas, epilepsy attacs, musculoskeletal system injuries (soft tissue injuries, cuts, burns, from simple fractures to serious open/close fractures causing sequellae) related with close quarter shots of tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and assault, head traumas, eye problems concluding to sight losses originating from rubber bullet use gaddar2and intra-abdominal organ injuries.

•   4 persons are dead. One of them is a police officer.

•   55 people have severe injuries.

•   91 persons have had head trauma

•   1 persons in Ankara, 3 in Istanbul, 1 in Eskişehir, in total 4 people with severe injuries are in life critical condition.

•   10 persons have lost their eye.

•   1 persons spleen is removed.

police-vioIn Ankara Kızılay a dustman working in a private teaching institute lost his life after a heart attack on June 5th Wednesday night. Investigation continues about this case which is thought to be related with being subject to heavy gas exposure in that area where he was working.

As there were injured people and physicians inside on June 2nd, 2013 night in the voluntary clinic build up in Ankara Mülkiyeliler Birliği (an alumni community), there has been an intervention with tear gas to the clinic.

In the events which occurred on May 31st, one member of TTB (Turkish Medical Association) Central Council and Ankara Medical Chamber administrator is also injured. 


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