Biggest Electoral Fraud Ever To Be Staged In Turkey

"Cumhuriyet Tarihinin En Büyük Seçim Hilesi Yapılacak"

Biggest Electoral Fraud Ever to be staged

@fuat avni, twitting a poll result as AKP’s vote rate 29 percent, became a target of Recep Tayyip Erdogan because of information he shares on Twitter. He now asserts that the ruling party sets up a vote rigging. Reading his tweets, one can presume that he is an inside informant or a leak. Several murmurs about his real identity point at one of Erdogan’s consultants while the account remains anonymous.

A team of 40 is Ready

@fuat avni argues that the biggest electoral fraud ever will be staged during the upcoming elections in Turkey through a team of 40 men including officers of the electoral bodies like Head of Election Board in üsküdar District, Istanbul. He claims that fake ballot papers and vote counting reports have been made available days before the election and that there will be rigging on election results via replacement of ballot papers in boxes, or, if failed, via modification of data on computers. Multiple voting will be organized in Ataşehir,üsküdar and Beykoz districts of Istanbul. To prevent the fraud, polling clerks and attendants must take pictures of reports for a comparison with the results declared.

Followings are @fuatavni’s tweets on the issue:

@fuatavni:(1) AKP is going through a great shock as the latest polls conducted by the party are not promising. The biggest electoral fraud ever will be staged

@fuatavni:(2) A team of 40 most reliable men in the party has been formed. I will expose their names if I have to

@fuatavni:(3) Powerful persons like the President of Election Board in üsküdar District, Istanbul have been particularly selected for manipulating their authorities

@fuatavni:(4) Fake ballot papers, reports and signatures have been made ready and are now stored in a facility

@fuatavni:(5) While sending the results to the headquarters, there will be “mistyping” on the total figures of the most competitive party, i.e. head to head with AKP, say, ‘45’ instead of ‘450’. If this is spotted, the officers will say “Sorry, this is an error.”

@fuatavni:(6) Vote counting reports will be replaced and fake signatures will be used. It is crucial to compare the hard copies declared with the photo images already taken at the polling stations

@fuatavni:(7) At the previous elections, Çekmeköy district of Istanbul was gained via bags of fake ballot papers. The district head of AKP proudly told the story

@fuatavni:(8) Presiding officers at polling stations must be accompanied by clerks and attendants until they submit the vote counting reports to the Electoral Headquarters. Fraud will take place at this phase

@fuatavni:(9) The team is putting a special effort to find out political tendencies of the presiding officers in order to make them an offer

@fuatavni:(10) Imaginary addresses have been fabricated for those who will use fake ballot papers. Shanties have been recorded as real addresses

@fuatavni:(11) Thousands of people have been registered at the home and work address of AKP members. This can be seen when reviewed

@fuatavni:(12) CHP attendants will be given trouble and prevented from doing their duties by causing confusion and quarrel

@fuatavni:(13) District attorneys and judges at district electoral boards have been selected from among those who will do what they are told to do

@fuatavni:(14) Ballot papers in boxes will be replaced, if failed, there will be modification of figures on computers

@fuatavni:(15) Somehow, there will be multiple voting in Ataşehir,üsküdar and Beykoz districts of Istanbul. The operation is already planeed in Ataşehir

@fuatavni:(16) Responsive attendants must take photos of the vote counting reports and compare them with ones declared

@fuatavni:(17) Those who stole people’s properties are now after stealing national will. Those who want democracy should break the fraud

The original in Turkish:

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