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Animation Video: Recep Tayyip Erdogan / Gezi Park / Morsi / by Egyptoon

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan | Egyptoon Advertisements

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The Problem Is Authoritarianism, Not Islam

Dani Rodrik Is Islam fundamentally incompatible with democracy? Time and again events compel us to ask this question. And yet it is a question that obscures more than it illuminates. Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia are very different countries, but one … Continue reading

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Gezi Park Uprising Documentary – (Eng Sub)

Gezi Park Uprising Documentary –  (Eng Sub) 

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The Update: Gezi Park, Turkey’s Kurdish Strategy Muddled By Talk of US Syria Strike

Gezi Park: Turkey’s new opposition movement By Emre Azizlerli BBC News, Istanbul It is a sunny afternoon in August. Sitting under the dappled shade of the plane trees, I watch a group of council workers tend the flowers by the … Continue reading

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Summer issue: Erdogan’s Biggest Fear; Erdogan’s true totalitarian colors; Ergenekon trial; Media crackdown

Erdogan’s Biggest Fear: The ‘Concerned’ Islamists On Aug. 14, following the release of a harsh statement against the Egyptian interim government from the office of the Turkish Prime Ministry, Ivan Watson of CNN tweeted: “Pot calling kettle black? Turkey’s PM Erdogan condemns Egyptian security … Continue reading

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